LSIP team deliver positive message to Skills Minister

LSIP team deliver positive message to Skills Minister


Leaders of the Hull & East Yorkshire Local Skills Improvement Plan (HEY LSIP) shared progress reports with the Skills Minister, key figures from British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and counterparts from across the country at an update meeting in Westminster.

Hannah Crookes, Project Lead for HEY LSIP, was joined by Chair Phil Ascough at the session and heard Robert Halfon, Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education, tell delegates how he has been touring the country visiting LSIPs and is really proud of what they have accomplished.

The Minister outlined progress being made in areas including building the prestige of T levels, increasing opportunities for lifelong learning and harnessing the opportunities presented by AI.

He said:

“LSIPs have got to grips with skills requirements and ensured that local communities are in charge of the skills needs. With your help we can really build and apprenticeships and skills nation.”

They also discussed the wider roll-out of LSIPs with Jane Gratton, Deputy Director, Public Policy, at BCC. With Chambers of Commerce leading 32 of the 38 LSIPs, Jane welcomed the opportunity to meet “the people driving LSIPs forward across the Chamber network”. She said:

“It is clear that LSIPs are already making a real difference on the ground. Helping employers find solutions to skills shortages. That’s what it’s about.

“LSIPs are a vitally important initiative but they need long term commitment and long term investment because the transformation we need is not going to happen overnight. There’s great energy and commitment and as a network we can share that best practice and build on our strengths.

“Chambers are having thousands of conversations with employers every day on a wide range of issues and it means we can build the skills conversations into everything we do.”

Hannah said the conversations with LSIP colleagues illustrated the strides being made in Hull and East Yorkshire following the first in a series of quarterly forums which will bring together private sector employers with public key stakeholders and educational sector representatives.

She urged employers to register for the next forum, which will take place on Friday 26 January and focus on employability skills.

Hannah said:

“The purpose of the forums is to update all on what is happening in terms of delivery of the LSIP and provide opportunities for employers to share their voice on the local skills agenda.

“As we demonstrated with our visit to Westminster, we are able to take the feedback from employers direct to the Minister and to the team at the Department for Education.

“We are also able to share ideas with the other LSIPs. That exchange of knowledge is telling us that the response is extremely positive and demonstrates the enthusiasm of stakeholders across private, public, voluntary and educational sectors to work collaboratively for the benefit of all organisations and their workforce. We want to build on that at our next forum.”

Phil said:

“It was particularly interesting to chat to the Minister about his experience of our area. He delivered a glowing reference on the Ron Dearing UTC on his visit there three years ago and we gave him and update on their activities and on other aspects of skills provision in our area including youth enterprise activities, Hull College and Humberside Engineering Training Association.

“The conversation with representatives of other LSIPs was dominated by the need to secure as much input as possible from employers, and we’re hoping for another excellent turnout at our next event.”

Employers are encouraged to continue to engage with and support the delivery of the LSIP. To do so, please contact Hannah Crookes, Hull & East Yorkshire LSIP Lead .

The next event is set to take place on Friday 26th January, with a focus on employability skills. Please visit the Chamber’s website for more details.

Picture: Hannah Crookes (left) and Jane Gratton at the LSIP meeting in Westminster.

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